Our Surf

World Class Surfing
….Your Frontyard (Troncones Beach)

Just walk out front. The day can range from expert to novice and the beach peels really both right and left….watch the rips.

Troncones Point

is about a 15 minute walk and Manzanillo Bay is a gorgeous left rocky reef point break. Intermediate to expert with great tubes in some days…..watch those rocks!

La Boca

is a river mouth with great lefts and rights during November – May

La Saladita

referred to as the “Wave Machine” and “mirror Malibu”. A long peeling left point break, especially good for long boards. One of the longest breaking lefts in Mexico. Long rides, good swells.

The Ranch

is one of Mexico’s best surf spots with both a right and left pointbreak. Great to surf off a panga (boat) which you can pick up in Troncones. Can get a little fishing in on the way back….huge swells.

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