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Private Yoga Retreats: Your Host, Your Way

One of the benefits of Mexican yoga retreat like the one offered at Casa de la Sirena is that we have adopted a no-host format for our facilities. We offer the framework for a private yoga retreat, complete with beachside yoga studios (which can hold up to 18 guests), housing, use of our on-site kitchen facilities, and all the ambiance and charm of a tropical getaway. However, our involvement stops there.

Our yoga retreat is designed so that the details are left entirely up to you. Yoga is such a private and personal experience, and there is no one-size-fits-all way to set up a studio that meets with everyone’s expectations. Over the years, we’ve found that by supporting your decisions and helping you plan the yoga retreat your way, the results are more satisfactory for everyone involved. You don’t have to worry about language barriers, different beliefs about or approaches to yoga, or conflicting schedules.

What to Bring to Your Yoga Retreat

The number one thing we tell people to bring is a yoga instructor. While it is possible to do yoga on your own, regardless of whether you have just one guest or ten, a qualified instructor you trust will turn a yoga getaway to a truly moving experience. We often see yoga classes who are celebrating or planning an annual event, and everyone comes along under the guidance of a teacher. We also see corporate groups, bridal parties, and other groups of friends who create their own getaway, and they often hire an independent instructor for the trip.

Of course, that isn’t all you’ll need to make your private yoga retreat a success. Depending on your goals for the yoga retreat, you might want to bring along:

  • Your own mats and blankets
  • Candles and other scents
  • Décor (we rely on a minimalist approach that includes small, covered open-air studios overlooking the ocean—you’re welcome to embellish on this as you see fit)
  • Private chef
  • Music
  • Yoga attire
  • Journals and cameras for documenting the trip
  • Traditional vacation attire and items (bathing suits, coverups, light jackets, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.)

Booking Your Yoga Retreat

For all our Mexican yoga retreat vacations, we do require that the entire yoga complex is rented. This means that larger groups are more likely to get a better deal, and that you’ll be ensured the kind of privacy you need to enjoy your experience.

For more information on available times and how to make the most out of your experience at Casa de la Sirena, feel free to contact us today. We are always happy to work with corporate groups, yoga classes, and other organizations in setting up the kind of yoga retreat in Mexico that you won’t soon forget.

Casa de la Sirena in Troncones: Affordable Luxury

If you’re considering a Mexican beach vacation in the Troncones region, Casa de la Sirena offers the ideal accommodations. This beachfront compound is one of the only facilities of its kind, offering privacy and luxury at a fraction of the cost of busy resorts in the neighboring Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo region. If you’ve ever dreamed of a tropical getaway that is good for the spirit and even better on the pocketbook, this is the place to make it all happen.

What to Expect at Casa de la Sirena

The setting at Casa de la Sirena is an idyllic, tropical one, where you can just as easily take in the morning on your private veranda as you can hit the waves for a quick surf before breakfast. Located on our own stretch of white, sandy beach, you won’t run into anyone except other guests, which are limited in number since we are a fairly small facility overall. (For even more privacy or for a wedding, you can even rent the entire compound during your stay.)

The facilities include your choice of living arrangements. Families and couples can opt for a private villa, where three bedrooms, spacious accommodations, and even a private pool provide a getaway where everyone gets exactly what they want. Mini villas and bungalows are also available for couples or smaller groups—and all with the same great attention to décor, comfort, privacy, and, of course, the views of the ocean that extend in every direction for as far as the eye can see.

The luxury features don’t stop there. In addition to great rooms, guests have access to private kitchens and barbeques right in-suite, as well as our Casa de la Sirena garden facilities. For those booking a corporate or yoga retreat, there are additional facilities to help make the most out of your experience.

Why Casa de la Sirena is More Affordable than You Think

A quick look at our website will demonstrate just how colorful, vibrant, and upscale our accommodations are. It might seem out of the financial question to book a vacation here—especially if you’re planning a wedding or other celebration.

That’s why we’re so pleased to offer all this at an affordable price. Troncones has the benefit of being a small fishing village that remains largely untouched by tourism—which means it’s possible for both us and area restaurants and shops to keep prices low. We can accomplish all this because we don’t need bells and whistles to keep you entertained. The ocean, the protected tropical forestland, and the beach offer everything you need to enjoy your stay. It doesn’t matter if you want a quiet getaway on your own terms or a more action-packed adventure where you zipline through the trees only to rock climb your way back to town—it’s all here and it’s all part of the natural backdrop.

Casa de la Sirena is designed to provide an unforgettable vacation for the whole family. For more information on booking your vacation and pricing, feel free to give us a call or fill out our reservation form online.

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