The Staff

Humberto, Maria, Montserrat, Carlos, Jose, Lordes, Louis

Louis was one of the 1st people we met when we stumbled in to Troncones in 1999. All these years later, he is our property manager and does an amazing job keeping all of our mermaids in one ocean. They are very frisky mermaids so it is not an easy job! We love and appreciate Louis.

Maria was the 1st employee we hired in 2001. She is a huge part of our family and a lot of our guests come back every year just to see her (and Humberto). She is a wonderful mother, and now proud grandmother of 2, a wonderful friend, and loves her job at Casa de la Sirena. She has a heart as big as the whole world and we love her.

Humberto came to work for us in 1995 as a gardener and spoke no English.
Today, Humberto is our manager and his learned English has ruined our Spanish it is so good! Humberto is your GO TO guy for everything during your stay. We think a lot of our guests come back every year just to see him and Maria. In 2011 he married Montserrat and they live in an apartment within the compound.

Humberto and Montsie found Carlos up in the mountains behind Troncones, a wounded baby parrot. They nursed him back to health with mashed fruits and have a “baby” for life. You will hear him whistling and singing up and down the street as you come in or out of the compound.

Jose first came to work with us in 2009 and what a welcome addition he is. He is very knowledgeable and can do almost anything. He and his wife, Maria Elizabeth, have 3 children and they are 3, 5, 10. Jose and Maria have been married since 2002. His great smile is only matched by his can-do attitude and happy spirit. He is funny and loves to joke around and will make sure you have everything you want to make your stay perfect.

Lordes is the newest member of our team, joining us in 2013. Have to love her attitude! Paycheck number one found her at the motorcycle dealer in Zihua signing up for one. She keeps the mini villas shining and always takes that extra step. We have enjoyed rave reviews about her!

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